Who is POBSB?

POBSB = Petra Overbeek Bloem - Samuels Brusse (Netherlands, 1959)

My first love is Sumi-E / Chinese Painting: Painting with ink on rice paper.

In the 1980's I was introduced to sumi-E. I was fascinated; the power of a single brushstroke is overwhelming. To paint with ink and Chinese brush on rice paper gives me energy, strength and joy. I started to paint in the old eastern tradition, but being a western woman in this day and age I had to find my own way. The technique stayed the same, but growing up and living in the Netherlands has made its mark.

I am self-taught. In 1999 I quit my job in ICT to fully focus on my art.

My passion for sumi-E got me to join a live drawing group in 2000, which I still do on a twoweekly basis.

In 2014 I discovered Yupo Paper, I love it. In a totally opposite way it is just as exciting as rice paper.

I love drawing, mostly people, with fountainpen and ink.

I like photographing and am a member of the photographygroup TEMA.

I like Photoshop and I make collages from photos on demand.

I like daily practice and have blogs for daily photography and daily art. September 2015 I decided to put those blogs on hold for a while and instead post daily on instagram.

All these ventures can be found on this website. This website forms the center of my art on internet. Through this website, you can find a selection of my art in the gallery and links to other places where my work can be found, like facebook, instagram, twitter, blurb, redbubble and blogs.

Enjoy !


Last updated September 2015

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